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Press conference – CCIJ-SEDECO-SRE collaboration programme – Trade Opening Jalisco-Qatar

Presentation of the CCIJ-SEDECO-SRE Jalisco-Qatar Trade Opening collaboration programme

“Attraction of trade, investment and talent promotion opportunities between Jalisco and Qatar”

Held on 29 April 2021 in Mexico City, the press conference aimed to present the trade opening programme, which will consist of a series of virtual events organised jointly between the participating institutions that will serve as preparations for a business mission from the State of Jalisco to the Government of Qatar, headed by the Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, tentatively scheduled for the first week of December.

The presentation of the programme was made by the representative of the CCIJ and was attended by:

– Secretary of SEDECO – Ernesto Sánchez Proal
– Mexican Embassy in Qatar – Ambassador Graciela Gómez
– CCIJ Coordinator -Rubén Masayi González Uyeda
– CCIJ International Affairs Commission – Antonio Lancaster-Jones
– Secretary of Foreign Relations, Business Linkage and Institutional Relations – Lic Alejandro Pulido García